Monday, December 7, 2009

Long-Distance Relationships Do Have Their PROS...

As people ask: "Long-distance? Is that hard? Good? Okay?"

Well... Read this and you will know:-

Long-distance relationships do have their PROS...

  • Space and independence: You can explore your interests, your dreams, and other relationships that you may have, which might mean that you are less dependent on your BF/GF for support.
  • Exploring different ways to communicate: Being able to talk on the phone, email or write to someone can be a great way to find out more about each other.
  • Valuing the relationship: Being away from someone can help you to value them and you may be less likely to take them from granted (or just focus on the physical side!). When you do see them it may be more special and exciting.
  • Stronger relationship: The additional challenges and commitment of a long distance relationship might make the relationship stronger.

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