Sunday, March 21, 2010


Care when you feel so
Care when you want to
Care when you realised
Care when you noticed
Care when you free........................

You'll only regret at the end...........

Why do people love to be cared?
Do you love to be cared?


You're okay to be alone?

Caring is just so important for human being,
this is our naturality...
We born to be cared and to care...

Especially for the kids,
their personality builds since they were young...

When you care them more, they know you're their family;
When you are not caring them oftenly, they will never know you love them...

Nevertheless, adults who have matured mind settings more than "youngsters", need cares too...

Why don't you take some times to think, who can you care... Or who needs your care...
A simple regards doesn't cost you much but value you in their life.

Who doesn't need cares?

A relationship always base on caring and loving...
Do this oftenly to your partner before it was too late...

God Bless... ^__^

*This passage is dedicating to you & me

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello March !!!

It's march, bloggers.
My last post was on the 9th of Jan, and now it comes to March.

Time always run so fast that we are force to follow. Keep going, life is still on~

Oh right, i am back to Adelaide. It is horrible for the first few days.
I feel homesick, lovesick, healthsick (flu, cough, sorethroat, fever), heartpain!
It is not easy to get back on track, i am pleased i've friends here, sister, Wii which brought from home. My house don't even have line these few days. UNBELIEVABLE! I think, internet has became part of my life from the past till now,
(sing) i can't live without it! how would it be!

Yes, it is now. -_-" Internet really important to me, because i need it to contact him thru webcam and facebook! Connecting people that i care~ So on...

Wait wait wait... Patience brings happiness! I believe ^^
I'm now totallyback! Back with my spirit! I will fight! GO! o,O

(Visitors: I'll post up my photos asap once i got my line at home. Pray for me!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


今天, 很累...
迟迟得睡觉; 迟迟得起身; 很累...
出了一整个的下午, 选择了和姐姐shopping.

太阳猛得很! 四十三度! 好热好热!

今天买得并不多, 但还是满足的... ^^

接着因为太饿, 没拍了. 嘻嘻!

好旧没有吃好的了, 因为正清除家里的食物,
回家前必须吃完 ^^

现在正忙着一个Reunion Party,
希望赶快把它搞好, 那我就能松一松了.

倒数着回家, 倒数着Party, 倒数着KL, 倒数着新年,
希望时间能跑慢一点, 好让我追到...
但, 我并不怕没有时间,
累了, 但还不能睡, 还有很多事情要做... T.T
终觉得很少不忙, 这样也好, 生活充实嘛... Grrr...
Well... 昨天收到一张名字设计, 一个家乡的组长给的,

开心开心... 因为这代表我有被记得...
小小的问候, 可以照亮别人的喔...

出国后, 每个人都各忙各的, 要聚也只能在假期.

终止呢... 我要珍惜那每一次的相聚... ^^ 我爱你们!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

K for Karaoke

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: K for Karaoke

Sing... Sing... Sing...

^^ Sing in the summer ^^

It is a good timing to sing with them, the busy people in my list! Hehe! We have:-

Jia Ming - Works everyday to pay his Uni fees, impressive! He has a good result thou, HEBAT (厉害)!

Michelle - A musician who plays piano in Diploma Level. She is one of my housemate too! Nice girl!

Amy - Knowing her from my another housemate, Kim. She is from TAIWAN, 我爱台妹! Haha... Kidding ^^ She has a young mummy! No freckles even she is 50 now! Oh my goodness! 哈!

(First time using SmileBox to post the photos in alternative way, hope that's more interesting, wii~ Simply click it and enjoy the slideshow ^^ muacks!)

Bling Bling on my Nails

It's been a while; i am having the summer holiday since November 2009. Today is such a relax day for me, as i know every day is free to me *giggles* Well, my itchy hands motivate me to bling my nails before flying to Singapore which is next Tuesday. First at all, warming up warming up, applied French White nails colour with a vertical slash Sky-Blue as i called it CLOUDS Design, so lame, haha.. The colour is very warm and comfort, but the texture failed. It doesn't seem as smooth as the picture attached below. Next, i paint Baby-Purple with blings. Love it so much! Have a look.

Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text

Left Hand

Right Hand


Summer day, staying under 39 degrees, how can you survive without a cold drink? What a good excuse when you are stopped from drinking cold stuff by mum. Tsk tsk!

Homemade Bubble-tea: Honey Bubble Black Tea

It tastes so nice! Have a try, you only need a sachet of Black-Tea, Honey, and Pearl (option). Most of all, ICE CUBES needed! Mix your honey and tea with 125ml boiled water, then, 3/4 cups of ice cubes and serve! So easy! Why buy outside? It doesn't cost you much thou. Hehe. BUT, i miss Yoyo, Easy Way in KK. Love their milktea! Is a MUST when i am home. Yum-cha (hang-out for drinks) my dearly mates!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year in the Jungle

Welcoming 2010!!!

by organising a New Year Party is so much fun! I love parties and i love to plan it! Love to see people enjoying it, love to see people happy faces. Hope this party shine you in 2010!

My ambition is to become a famous
*WEDDING PLANNER*, my dreams @.@

New Year in the Bent Jungle! -2nd January 2010-
Why BENT? Because it comes from the name of my apartment in Adelaide.
Why JUNGLE? Because it linked to my Zebra Dress *winks*

"Owners of the Jungle"

"My photos shooting TEAM ;p"

"Peeps from church"

"Leapord, Flower Girl and the Zebra"

"I cooked, designed and i smiled!"

"Group photo before meal"

Party Rules: Outfit should be indicated as an animal or flora that you can see in the Jungle.

Everyone did, as i see, YONG LING should be awarded the best outfit for the night, i like his red polo outfit with a little self-drawn PIGGY, so cute and funny! Tsk tsk...

Thanks to the people who came, who ate, who "da pao" and my Housemates!
Organise a party is not that easy as we thought, you need to pay your effort, money and mind. So, special thanks to my sister, who together gather buy and make this party complete. To Michelle, who cut cut cook cook after her job. ^_^ They are the best for me! Hugz*


Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

☆☆★°∴°°☆°∴★°☆∴ ??°∴∴°??°∴ °☆★°∴★☆∴°∴ ??°
Happy New Year٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶~2010~٩(•̮̮̃

Pour moi, c'est...

A new year that turning me into 21
A new year to be active instead of lazy
A new year to achiving goals
A new year to put God first every morning
A new year to live in a healthy life
A new year to work harder
A new year to love everyone more
A new year to see miracles in His blessings!

xoxo HAPPY NEW YEAR xoxo

♥ Abby

Monday, December 28, 2009

Adeline Ting is 20th

To my sweetie Adeline ♥

You are my friend
You are my primary school friend
You are my high-school friend
You are my important friend
You are my

Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text

Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text
Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text
Happy Birthday Tyng, sorry that i am not there with you, i hope you'll have your great time. Enjoy the every bits today.