Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year in the Jungle

Welcoming 2010!!!

by organising a New Year Party is so much fun! I love parties and i love to plan it! Love to see people enjoying it, love to see people happy faces. Hope this party shine you in 2010!

My ambition is to become a famous
*WEDDING PLANNER*, my dreams @.@

New Year in the Bent Jungle! -2nd January 2010-
Why BENT? Because it comes from the name of my apartment in Adelaide.
Why JUNGLE? Because it linked to my Zebra Dress *winks*

"Owners of the Jungle"

"My photos shooting TEAM ;p"

"Peeps from church"

"Leapord, Flower Girl and the Zebra"

"I cooked, designed and i smiled!"

"Group photo before meal"

Party Rules: Outfit should be indicated as an animal or flora that you can see in the Jungle.

Everyone did, as i see, YONG LING should be awarded the best outfit for the night, i like his red polo outfit with a little self-drawn PIGGY, so cute and funny! Tsk tsk...

Thanks to the people who came, who ate, who "da pao" and my Housemates!
Organise a party is not that easy as we thought, you need to pay your effort, money and mind. So, special thanks to my sister, who together gather buy and make this party complete. To Michelle, who cut cut cook cook after her job. ^_^ They are the best for me! Hugz*


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