Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bling Bling on my Nails

It's been a while; i am having the summer holiday since November 2009. Today is such a relax day for me, as i know every day is free to me *giggles* Well, my itchy hands motivate me to bling my nails before flying to Singapore which is next Tuesday. First at all, warming up warming up, applied French White nails colour with a vertical slash Sky-Blue as i called it CLOUDS Design, so lame, haha.. The colour is very warm and comfort, but the texture failed. It doesn't seem as smooth as the picture attached below. Next, i paint Baby-Purple with blings. Love it so much! Have a look.

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Left Hand

Right Hand


Summer day, staying under 39 degrees, how can you survive without a cold drink? What a good excuse when you are stopped from drinking cold stuff by mum. Tsk tsk!

Homemade Bubble-tea: Honey Bubble Black Tea

It tastes so nice! Have a try, you only need a sachet of Black-Tea, Honey, and Pearl (option). Most of all, ICE CUBES needed! Mix your honey and tea with 125ml boiled water, then, 3/4 cups of ice cubes and serve! So easy! Why buy outside? It doesn't cost you much thou. Hehe. BUT, i miss Yoyo, Easy Way in KK. Love their milktea! Is a MUST when i am home. Yum-cha (hang-out for drinks) my dearly mates!


  1. I miss bubble tea too..yoyo..