Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello March !!!

It's march, bloggers.
My last post was on the 9th of Jan, and now it comes to March.

Time always run so fast that we are force to follow. Keep going, life is still on~

Oh right, i am back to Adelaide. It is horrible for the first few days.
I feel homesick, lovesick, healthsick (flu, cough, sorethroat, fever), heartpain!
It is not easy to get back on track, i am pleased i've friends here, sister, Wii which brought from home. My house don't even have line these few days. UNBELIEVABLE! I think, internet has became part of my life from the past till now,
(sing) i can't live without it! how would it be!

Yes, it is now. -_-" Internet really important to me, because i need it to contact him thru webcam and facebook! Connecting people that i care~ So on...

Wait wait wait... Patience brings happiness! I believe ^^
I'm now totallyback! Back with my spirit! I will fight! GO! o,O

(Visitors: I'll post up my photos asap once i got my line at home. Pray for me!)

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